Sappy bio

In the third grade I was assigned to create a picture book featuring words and matching drawings. On one page, I drew a house with classic four-paned windows and a triangular roof. Underneath in permanent ink, I scrawled “HOSE.” When my teacher suggested I should start the entire book over, I argued that she had to let me keep it.

After much internal strife, I drew a squiggly green garden hose coming off the side of the house, circled it, and proceeded to finish the rest of the book.

All these years later, as I work to finish my first novel and crank out short stories, I find my writing process isn’t all that different than it was back in the third grade.

Introspective bio

For the longest time I’ve been curious about creative writing. In junior high I wondered why my friend Russell's stories were so much more horrifying and hilarious than mine. Or, in high school, I questioned how my friend Lisa could write something so heart wrenching that it permanently changed the way I thought.

In later years I marveled at how Hemingway, Borges, Dostoevsky could leave me at the end of their story going wwwoah. And recently how Emily Kanakia’s story could leave me going, ohhhh.

I'm now interested in applying some of the things I've learned as a reader to my own writing.

Professional bio

As the son of a librarian, I’ve loved reading all my life. More recently, I've focused my attention on writing. My creative inspirations include RPG video games, classic and modern fantasy novels, the works of great writers, my day job, and spiritual texts.

I work as an attorney in California where my wife Sara and I care for Cleo the Texas Longhorn and Billie the Anglo-Nubian goat.

Short Story

  • The Proverbial Sword (appeared March 2021 in Bewildering Stories), ~3200 words

  • The Lawyer and the Shoemaker (forthcoming August 2021 in The Land Beyond the World Magazine), ~3000 words

  • The Mortician's Daughter (out for submission), ~1000 words

  • Lies and Ice Cream (out for submission), ~4000 words

  • Jogging, ~10,000 words

  • Our Day at the Beach, ~3000 words

  • Simple Story about Beach Life (working title), ~3000 words

  • ERM (working title), ~10,000 words


  • Begonias (working title), ~2000 words

  • Eating of frogs, ~2000 words

  • Rememberer, ~600 words


  • Sannyas (working title), ~100,000 words

  • The World of Magic (early stage)

  • Cohline (very early stage)

Favorite quotes

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